Wild Florida Photo - Senna didymobotrya - African Senna

Senna didymobotrya (Fresen.)H.S.Irwin & Barneby

African Senna
Popcorn Cassia
Peanut-butter Cassia

Not native to Florida

Orange Co. FL (landscape) 10/01/19
Orange Co. FL (landscape) 10/01/19
Orange Co. FL (landscape) 10/01/19
Orange Co. FL (landscape) 10/01/19

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A shrub that has escaped cultivation into disturbed sites in Miami-Dade County. It can sometimes be found in landscapes mostly in the Florida peninsula. Native to Africa, it has also been introduced in Arizona and California.
Typically growing up to 5m (~16 ft.) tall, this plant is hairy and aromatic. The pinnate leaves are up to 50cm (20 in.) long and usually having stiplues 6-17mm (1/4 to 2/3 in.) long. S. didymobotrya has from 8 to 18 opposite pairs of elliptic to oblong leaflets up to 6.5cm (2-1/2 in.) long abruptly tapering to a short bristle tip. This species' fruit is a flat, brown elongated pod 8-12cm (3-1/8 to 4-1/4 in.) long that is constricted between the seeds.


Senna didymobotrya is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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