Wild Florida Photo - Phallus ravenelii - Ravenel's Stinkhorn

Phallus ravenelii Berk. & M.A.Curtis

Ravenel's Stinkhorn

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 08/07/09
Volusia Co. FL 08/07/09
Volusia Co. FL 08/07/09

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This stinkhorn is probably Phallus ravenelii, and is found in eastern North America. The genus name referring to the shape of the mature fruiting body. These fungi emit a putrid aroma, attracting flies that help distribute the stinkhorn spores.
I had originally thought that this was one of the Mutinus species - dog stinkhorns - which usually have pinkish fruiting bodies. Thanks to Bill Petty of Florida Fungi for helping me out with this one.


Phallus ravenelii is a member of the Phallaceae - Stinkhorns family.

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