Wild Florida Photo - Crotalus horridus - Timber rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus

Timber rattlesnake
Canebrake rattlesnake

Florida native

Hamilton Co. FL 10/26/06
Hamilton Co. FL 10/26/06
Hamilton Co. FL 10/26/06
Hamilton Co. FL 10/26/06
Hamilton Co. FL 10/26/06

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Timber rattlesnakes are only found in 8 or 9 counties of the north Florida peninsula. There have also been reports from the upper Apalachicola River area. In Florida the preferred habitat includes low bottomlands, riverbeds, hardwood hammocks, pine flatwoods, swamps and cane thickets. The range extends throughout the southeastern United States west into central Texas and north to southeastern Minnesota and southern Maine.
Adult length is typically from one to 1.5 meters. There is a reddish-brown stripe running down the center of the back, interrupted by a series of chevron-like black crossbands on the pinkish-gray or tan body. Some individuals also have a dark, sometimes reddish-brown, stripe on the side of the head.
This venomous snake should be given a wide berth and left alone . It can often easily be over looked, especially if it does not rattle.


Crotalus horridus is a member of the Viperidae - Vipers & Pit Vipers family.

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