Wild Florida Photo - Egretta rufescens - Reddish egret

Egretta rufescens

Reddish egret

Florida native

Florida Species of Special Concern

Sarasota Co. FL 10/16/19
Brevard Co. FL 12/17/11
Brevard Co. FL 12/17/11
Brevard Co. FL 12/17/11
Volusia Co. FL 05/13/06
Volusia Co. FL 05/13/06
Volusia Co. FL 05/13/06
Brevard Co. FL 01/17/06
Brevard Co. FL 01/17/06

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Seen in coastal areas of Florida, more often in the central and south peninsula. The year-round range includes the United States gulf coast and much of the Caribbean. Non-breeding range includes the coasts of Mexico and South America.
There are two distinct colorings of reddish egrets. The dark morph is more common. The white morph looks very similar to some of the other white birds of the heron family.
The dark morph is more common. Juveniles are grayish overall with a dark, or mostly dark beak. Adults have a gray body and russet neck and head. Second year and non-breeding have only a small lighter area near the base of the beak. Breeding adults have a beak with the base all pink and a dark tip. All forms have dark legs.
Usually found singly in shallow salt water. Quite animated when fishing - running, jumping and spreading their wings to lure fish into the shade.

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Egretta rufescens is a member of the Ardeidae - Herons & Bitterns family.

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