Wild Florida Photo - Pseudemys peninsularis - Peninsula cooter

Pseudemys peninsularis

Peninsula cooter

Synonym(s): Pseudemys floridana peninsularis

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Volusia Co. FL 01/15/12
Brevard Co. FL 01/17/06
Marion Co. FL 01/12/06
Volusia Co. FL 01/12/06
Volusia Co. FL 01/12/06

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One of the most common freshwater turtles in the peninsula of Florida, the peninsula cooter can often be seen basking on logs in lakes and slow moving streams and rivers. These turtles are found in most of the Florida peninsula.
Peninsula cooters are sometimes designated as the peninsularis subspecies of Pseudemys floridana, the Florida cooter which ranges throughout the southeastern coastal plain.
Growing up to nearly 40 cm (~15 in.) in length, both the shell and body are dark with yellow lines. The underside edge of the shell has solid dark spots and the plastron is yellow with no markings.
In contrast, Florida cooters have light areas in the center of the dark spots under the edge of the shell. Peninsula cooters have an irregular broken pattern of light and dark on their rump, while the chicken turtle and yellowbelly sliders have 'striped pants'.
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Pseudemys peninsularis is a member of the Emydidae - Box turtles and Pond turtles family.

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