Wild Florida Photo - Pyrgus communis - Common Checkered Skipper

Pyrgus communis

Common Checkered Skipper

Florida native

Maury Co. TN 10/30/05
Maury Co. TN 10/28/05
Maury Co. TN 10/28/05

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The range of this butterfly includes most of the United States except upper New England, the northern mountains of Mexico and central and western Canada. Probably not a permenant resident north of the 40th parallel due to the inability to withstand very cold winters. In flight February though October in the deep south and March through Septermber in the north.
Host plants include several plants in the Malvaceae family. Adults feed on the nectar of white-flowered composites including sheperd's needles, fleabane, beggar's ticks, knapweed and red clover.
Common checkered skippers are nearly identical to the paler white checkered skippers (P. albescens) both of which are found in Florida.


Pyrgus communis is a member of the Hesperiidae - Skippers family.

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