Wild Florida Photo - Phoebis sennae - Cloudless sulphur

Phoebis sennae

Cloudless sulphur

Florida native

Maury Co. TN 10/30/05
Volusia Co. FL 08/27/11
Lake Co. FL 12/13/15
Levy Co. FL 09/08/07
Lake Co. FL 05/05/07

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The cloudless sulphur is a year-round resident from Argentina to Texas and through the deep south of the United States including much of peninsular Florida. During the warmer seasons they spread throughout much of the eastern United States and the southwest.
Phoebis sennae caterpillars host on Cassia species of the pea family. Adults feed on the nectar of many different flowers with long tubes including cordia, bougainvillea, cardinal flower, hibiscus, lantana, and wild morning glory.

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Phoebis sennae is a member of the Pieridae - Whites & Sulphurs family.

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