Wild Florida Photo - Junonia coenia - Common buckeye

Junonia coenia

Common buckeye

Florida native

Wakulla Co. FL 07/04/14
Maury Co. TN 10/30/05
Wakulla Co. FL 07/04/14
Volusia Co. FL 10/02/05
Volusia Co. FL 10/02/05
Volusia Co. FL 10/02/05
Volusia Co. FL 10/02/05
Volusia Co. FL 10/03/09

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A resident of the southern United States north along both coasts to central California and North Carolina, south to southern Mexico, plus Bermuda and Cuba. Adults from the south's first brood migrate north in late spring and summer thoughout most of the United States and parts of southern Canada.
Host plants include herbs in the snapdragon or figwort, plantain, verbena and acanthus families. The common buckeye's favorite nectar plants are composites including aster, chickory, gumweed, knapweed and tickseed sunflower. Dogbane, peppermint and other flowers are also visited. One of several butterflies that utilize turkey tangle fogfruit as a host plant.


Junonia coenia is a member of the Nymphalidae - Brush-footed butterflies family.

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