Wild Florida Photo - Phyllomydas parvulus - Mydas Fly

Phyllomydas parvulus Westwood, 1841

Mydas Fly

Florida native

Suwannee Co. FL 04/19/23
Suwannee Co. FL 04/19/23
Suwannee Co. FL 04/19/23
Suwannee Co. FL 04/19/23

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This mydas fly is found mainly in the Florida peninsula north of Alligator Alley. Apparently the range of Phyllomydas parvulus extends into Georgia.
These large flies have an elongate black and a yellowish-brown body about 2.5cm (1 in.) long. The abdomen is marked by bands of these alternating colors. Like other members of the mydas fly family, the antenna are four-segmented with the terminal segment somewhat swollen.
Mydas flies are predaceous and the larvae are typically found in decaying wood or soil.


Phyllomydas parvulus is a member of the Mydidae - Mydas Flies family.

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