Wild Florida Photo - Mesodon thyroidus - White-lip globe snail

Mesodon thyroidus

White-lip globe snail

Florida native

Sevier Co. TN 04/28/21
Sevier Co. TN 04/28/21

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White-lip globe snails are found in river floodplains, wetlands and limestone ledges. They range through the eastern United States into New England, midwest as far as Michigan, southwest into Texas and south into Florida.
Mesodon thyroidus is 18-25mm (11/16 to 1 in.)in diameter and 11-18mm (7/16 to 11/16 in.) high. The shell is brown to yellowish-brown in color, with a slightly flared lip that is usually lighter.
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Mesodon thyroidus is a member of the Polygyridae - Polygyrid Snails family.

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