Wild Florida Photo - Junonia neildi - West indian mangrove buckeye

Junonia neildi

West indian mangrove buckeye
Black mangrove buckeye
Mangrove buckeye

Synonym(s): Junonia genoveva neildi

Florida native

Flagler Co. FL 10/19/21
Flagler Co. FL 10/19/21

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This buckeye butterfly is found in coastal areas of central and south Florida and also coastal Georgia. The range extends south throughout the entire South American continent.
Living up to its name, this butterfly likes to inhabit area of black mangrove plants.
The upperside of mangrove buckeyes are tan with two pairs of eyespots on both the forewings and hindwings,
Previously known as Junonia genoveva or Junonia genoveva subsp. neildi, the North American and Caribbean butterflies are now considered Junonia neildi and Junonia genoveva is only applied to those in South America.


Junonia neildi is a member of the Nymphalidae - Brush-footed butterflies family.

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