Wild Florida Photo - Vanessa virginiensis - American lady

Vanessa virginiensis

American lady
American painted lady

Florida native

Columbia Co. FL 04/07/21
Columbia Co. FL 04/07/21
Columbia Co. FL 04/07/21

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These butterflies are typically found in pine flatwoods, open disturbed areas and the edges of hammocks throughout Florida. The American lady is distributed throughout most of the United States except for the northern great plains and northern rockies. The range extends slightly into Canada, mostly around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River and the Maritimes. Also found in Mexico, Central America and northernmost South America.
Vanessa virginiensis has a wingspan of 4.5-6cm (1-3/4 to 2-1/2 in.) and is overall orange-brown with many various markings. The underside of the hindwings have two large eyespots and a distinctive cob-web pattern. The trailing edge of the wings are noticeably scalloped.
Host plants include asters in the tribe Gnaphalieae, including the everlastings of the genus Gamochaeta.


Vanessa virginiensis is a member of the Nymphalidae - Brush-footed butterflies family.

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