Wild Florida Photo - Marimatha nigrofimbria - Black-bordered lemon moth

Marimatha nigrofimbria

Black-bordered lemon moth

Florida native

Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07

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Can be seen March through November in much of Florida. The range extends throughout the southeast, west to Texas and Oklahoma, north into Illinois and east to Massachusetts.
These small moths are 10-12mm (<1/2 in.) long with a wingspan of 18-22mm (~3/4 in.). The yellow wings have 2 pairs of dots, a black trailing edge and purplish fringe.
Larval hosts include Digitaria ischaemun (smooth crabgrass) and Ipomoea sagittata (saltmarsh morning-glory).


Marimatha nigrofimbria is a member of the Noctuidae - Owlet Moths family.

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