Wild Florida Photo - Xylocopa virginica - Large carpenter bee

Xylocopa virginica var. virginica

Large carpenter bee
Eastern carpenter bee

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 09/09/21
Volusia Co. FL 09/10/16
Volusia Co. FL 09/10/16

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The virginica subspecies of the eastern carpenter bee is found across north Florida and south into the central peninsula. The range extends through most of the eastern United States west into Texas to Nebraska.
The Xylocopa genus of large carpenter bees resemble bumble bees in size and general appearance. Eastern carpenter bees - X. virginica - have a black hairless abdomen and a fuzzy yellow thorax.

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Xylocopa virginica is a member of the Apidae - Bumble bees, Honey bees, and other bees family.

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