Wild Florida Photo - Omphalocera munroei - Asimina webworm moth

Omphalocera munroei

Asimina webworm moth
Pawpaw leaf-rolling caterpillar

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 05/09/15

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An uncommon moth found throughout Florida, the range extends into parts of the eastern United States where pawpaw plants are found.
The larvae of this moth create a shelter by rolling up the leaves of the host pawpaw plant.
Adult forewings are a dark red and yellowish in the basal area, appearing as three broad irregularly-edged bands of different colors across the wings. The darkest band is in the middle and has a small yellow dash in the center closer to the leading edge. This dash is thin in the middle, so might appear to be two small dots at first glance. There is also a row of tiny light dots just inside the trailing edge of the wings. Wingspan is 2.9-3.7cm (1-1/8 to 1-1/2 in.). Adults most likely seen in July and August.


Omphalocera munroei is a member of the Pyralidae - Snout moths family.

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