Wild Florida Photo - Ocyptamus fuscipennis - Flower fly

Ocyptamus fuscipennis

Flower fly
Hover fly

Florida native

Putnam Co. FL 07/21/12
Putnam Co. FL 07/21/12

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The narrowing of the abdomen towards the thorax helps give this fly the appearance of a small wasp and is characteristic of this genus.
Widely distributed across North America, the syrphid flies are a large family of insects that are found in various habitats, often on flowers. They are good fliers and do a great deal of hovering. Adults of this species are present in June and July in the north part of the range (Quebec) and from at least May through November in the southeast United States. Ocyptamus fuscipennis occurs east of the Rocky Mountains and are also found in Mexico and Cuba.
The wings of this species are dark along the leading edge with a clear area along the trailing edge near the wingtip. The body is 7-12 mm (>1/4 - <1/2 in.) long. The larvae develop on a diet of aphids and other scale insects More detail about this species may be found at Encyclopedia of Life, Life Desks and on bugguide.net (scroll down to link on left side of this page).
This fly is on the flowers of swamp dogwood.


Ocyptamus fuscipennis is a member of the Syrphidae - Syrphid Flies family.

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