Wild Florida Photo - Deirochelys reticularia - Florida chicken turtle

Deirochelys reticularia var. chrysea

Florida chicken turtle

Florida native

Collier Co. FL 10/04/02

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A subspecies of the Eastern chicken turtle that ranges through the southeastern United States, Deirochelys reticularia chrysea can be found in most of the peninsula. The habitat is quiet waters of ponds marshes and sloughs.
A carnivore that prefers crayfish, tadpoles and carrion, they will occassionally feed on aquatic plants.
Appearance is similar to the yellow-bellied slider. Florida chicken turtle grows to 10 inches, has a long neck when fully extended, a shell pattern resembling chicken wire and yellow bands on the front legs. The rear of the shell is wider than the front and there are many thin yellow stripes on the top of the head. The yellow 'striped pants' between the rear legs are distinctive of this species, as is the unmarked yellow or bright orange plastron.


Deirochelys reticularia is a member of the Emydidae - Box turtles and Pond turtles family.

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