Wild Florida Photo - Dielis plumipes - Feather-legged scoliid wasp

Dielis plumipes var. fossulana

Feather-legged scoliid wasp
Digger wasp
Scarab hunter wasp

Synonym(s): Campsomeris plumipes var. fossulana

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 09/10/16
Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
Volusia Co. FL 09/10/16
Volusia Co. FL 09/10/16
Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
Volusia Co. FL 09/19/08

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Of the three forms of this species, Dielis plumipes fossulana, is the only subspecies that occurs in Florida. This subspecies is found throughout the southeastern states, with the entire species (all three forms) ranging though most of the eastern United States. There are six genera and 20 species of scoliid wasps of the family Scoliidae in North America.
Scoliid wasps are also sometimes called digger wasps because the females dig into the ground, sting and paralyze beetle larvae, then lay their eggs, which after hatching, feed on the paralyzed grub. Larvae of the scarab beetle is often targeted. These wasps can often be seen flying low above the ground in a figure eight pattern. They are also sometimes seen feeding on wildflowers.
Campsomeris plumipes fossulana are black with yellow abdominal markings, with a body length of 15-25 mm (0.6 - 1 in.). The legs, thorax and edges of the abdominal segments are hairy. The males have longer antenna and are typically smaller than the females.
For more information about this and other scolid wasps see the University of Florida/IFAS entomology dept. Featured Creatures page for Scolid wasps of Florida.


Dielis plumipes is a member of the Scoliidae - Scoliid Wasps family.

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