Wild Florida Photo - Aphylla williamsoni - Two-striped forceptail

Aphylla williamsoni

Two-striped forceptail

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 07/22/06

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This is the only species of this genus that occurs in Florida. The range extends throughout the Florida peninsula and up through the coastal plain from Louisiana into Virginia.
Aphylla williamsoni has a distinctive yellow 'W' on the front of the brown thorax with two greenish-yellow stripes on each side. Females sometimes have a pale lateral stripe between the two others. The abdomen is slender and rufous colored with a yellow to orange flange on segment 8, wide in males narrow in females. Stigmas on the wings are pale tan, eyes are blue-grey and the face is yellow with brown cross stripes. Legs are relatively short.
Flight season in Florida is from early April until the beginning of November.


Aphylla williamsoni is a member of the Gomphidae - Clubtails family.

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