Wild Florida Photo - Calopteryx dimidiata - Sparkling Jewelwing

Calopteryx dimidiata 

Sparkling Jewelwing

Florida native

Marion Co. FL 03/15/15
Marion Co. FL 03/15/15
Marion Co. FL 10/20/07

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Sparkling jewelwings are members of the Calopterygidae family of broad-winged damselflies, large damselflies that are usually found along streams. Calopteryx dimidiata range through the southeastern states, mostly in the coastal plain, west into Texas, to Kentucky and up the Atlantic coast into New England. Having a length from 37-50mm (1.5-2in.) and clear wings. Males have dark wingtips, females usually have a white spot called the pterostigma on the leading edge of the wings, and also sometimes have dark wingtips.

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Calopteryx dimidiata is a member of the Calopterygidae - Broad-winged Damsels family.

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