Wild Florida Photo - Battus polydamas - Gold Rim Swallowtail

Battus polydamas  var. lucayus 

Gold Rim Swallowtail
Tailless Swallowtail
Polydamas Swallowtail

Florida native

Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/18/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06

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Gold rim swallowtails can be found throughout Florida. The range extends through South and Central America and the Caribbean.
A large blackish butterfly with no tail. The upper side of the wings have a greenish-yellow band. The underside of the hindwing is brown and scalloped with a yellow patch and brick-red spots.
Host plants include herbs and vines of the Birthwort family.
If disturbed, the caterpillars display a stinky osmeterium, which is shown partly extended in one of the photos here.


Battus polydamas is a member of the Papilionidae - Swallowtails family.

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