Wild Florida Photo - Elaphidion mucronatum - Spined oak borer

Elaphidion mucronatum

Spined oak borer

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 04/29/07
Volusia Co. FL 04/29/07
Volusia Co. FL 04/29/07

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These beetles have been found in much of the Florida peninsula and into the central panhandle. The range extends west into Arizona and north to Minnesota and Ontario.
The femoral spines on the middle and hind legs are characteristic for this species. The antenna on males can be up to twice the body length. Female antenna often not longer than the body. The base of the antenna is thick, and the next several antenna segments have spines. There are also spines at the tip of the elytra. The body is 12-20mm (1/2 ~ 3/4 in.) long and a mottled brown and can have a dense pubescence.
Host plants include most any eastern hardwood, known to be in both cypress and mangroves.


Elaphidion mucronatum is a member of the Cerambycidae - Longhorned beetles family.

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