Wild Florida Photo - Libellula needhami - Needham's skimmer

Libellula needhami

Needham's skimmer

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 06/09/11
Miami-Dade Co. FL 03/31/05
Volusia Co. FL 06/09/11
Volusia Co. FL 04/24/11
Volusia Co. FL 04/24/11
Miami-Dade Co. FL 03/31/05

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Very similar in appearance to golden-winged skimmer, Needham's skimmer ranges mostly though the coastal states from Texas to Maine.
These two species differ in the coloration on the side of the thorax. In L. auripennis the line between the light and dark colors is basically vertical, following the break in the pieces of the thorax. In L. needhami the light color bleeds forward into the lower front part of the thorax. Also, the leading edge of the wings on Needham's skimmer is more distinctive and the rest of the wing is clearer than in the golden-winged skimmer.


Libellula needhami is a member of the Libellulidae - Skimmers family.

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