Wild Florida Photo -Egg Sink - High & Low Water

Egg Sink - High & Low Water

Lafayette Co. FL 07/04/12
Lafayette Co. FL 01/03/12

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These two photographs were taken from somewhat different angles at the same end of Egg Sink. Note the larger tree on the left that arches over the sink in the high water image. This is the same tree that the large trunk is visible on the left of the sink in the low water photo. There is what looks like a hole or divot in the tree trunk, note the position of this in each of the photos - it is just above the waterline in the high water image.
Egg Sink is in Lafeyette Blue Springs State Park and is located between Green Sink and the Suwannee River.
These were both the same year - 2012 - the low level was January. The high water photo was in July and the Suwannee River upstream was above Flood Level and had been for several days.
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Paul Rebmann Nature Photography at pixels.com