Wild Florida Photo -Giant Panus

Giant Panus

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This is one of the oyster mushrooms. It is likely Pleurotus levis, but could also be the very similar Pleurotus dryinus (veiled oyster mushroom).
Pleurotus levis can be found on dead wood and also on live hardwoods from the central peninsula northward into north Florida and the panhandle. The range includes the entire eastern United States.
The cap is white to cream colored and velvety, yellowing with age. The white gills, which also yellow with age are decurrent down the stipe (stem, stalk).
P. levis has a partial veil with remnants being less persistent than on P. dryinus. The former also appears to tolerate warmer climates than the latter.

Kingdom: Fungi
  Phylum: Basidiomycota - higher fungi other than sac fungi
    Class: Agaricomycetes
      Order: Agaricales
        Family: Pleurotaceae
            Genus: Pleurotus - oyster mushrooms
                Pleurotus levis - GIANT PANUS

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