Wild Florida Photo -Pleated Inkcap

Pleated Inkcap

Volusia Co. FL 07/12/22
Volusia Co. FL 07/12/22
Volusia Co. FL 07/12/22

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Found throughout Florida, Parasola plicatilis is most prevalent throughout the eastern United States and along the west coast. Also ranges in various places worldwide.
Pleated inkcaps are small mushrooms with a plicate (folded like a corrugated roof) cap up to 35mm (1-3/8 in.) in diameter.The cap is first ovoid, then becoming bell shaped as it opens to nearly flat when mature. may be yellowish to orangeish-brown when young, then becoming a pale gray. The stem is white, 2mm (slightly more than 1/16 in.) in diameter and up to 10cm (4 in.) tall and without a ring. The gills are initially whitish, darkening to gray and eventually black and are free from the stem with no veil remnants.

Kingdom: Fungi
  Phylum: Basidiomycota - higher fungi other than sac fungi
    Class: Agaricomycetes
      Order: Agaricales
        Family: Psathyrellaceae
            Genus: Parasola
                Parasola plicatilis - PLEATED INKCAP

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