Wild Florida Photo -Dryad's saddle

Dryad's saddle

Haywood Co. NC 04/26/21
Haywood Co. NC 04/26/21
Haywood Co. NC 04/26/21
Haywood Co. NC 04/26/21

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Also called pheasant back mushroom or pheasant's-back polypore, Dryad's saddle is a bracket fungi that grows on both deadwood and live trees, mostly hardwoods. The primary range is from eastern Canada to North Carolina and into the midwest.
This fungi has a large, tough, fleshy, yellowish-tan cap with a brown radially arranged scales on the upper surface. The underside is white to yellowish with pores descending a short stalk.
Cerioporus squamosus was previously classified as Polyporus squamosus.
A dryad is a mythical wood-nymph.

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