Wild Florida Photo -Deer Lichen

Deer Lichen

Putnam Co. FL 03/13/04
Putnam Co. FL 03/13/04

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Also called deer moss, there are at least six species of Cladina found in Florida. These lichens are light gray and grow in round form on the ground, often in great numbers, forming mats of puff balls on the woodland or scrub floor.
Lichens are both an algae and a fungus, living in partnership with each other. In many cases, neither organism could live without the other.

Kingdom Fungi – Fungi
 Division Ascomycota – Sac fungi
  Class Ascomycetes
   Order Lecanorales
    Family Cladoniaceae
     Genus Cladina – reindeer lichen

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Paul Rebmann Nature Photography at pixels.com