Wild Florida Photo -Red Belt Conk

Red Belt Conk

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Fomitopsis pinicola mushrooms are one of the most widely distributed polypores in the Northern Hemisphere, being found throughout North America and Europe. Also called the red-banded polypore, it is usually found on the dead trunks and stumps of conifers at least as far south as the Carolinas.
This red belt conk was photographed in New York's Rock City State Forest in the vicinity of the Little Rock City nature trail.
These mushrooms are stalkless and woody, with a cap that can be flat, conical or hoof-shaped, brown to red on top with a thick white or yellowish edge and white to yellow underneath.
For more information on Fomitopsis pinicola see MushroomExpert.com

Kingdom: Fungi
  Phylum: Basidiomycota
    Class: Agaricomycetes
       Order: Polyporales - Polypores
         Family: Fomitopsidaceae
           Genus: Fomitopsis
            Fomitopsis pinicola - RED BELT CONK

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