Wild Florida Photo -Berkeley's Polypore

Berkeley's Polypore

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This mushroom, also called Stump Blossoms, is found in hardwood forests of eastern North America, often near the bases of oaks. These photographs were made in Tennessee, I was unable to find any references of this mushroom occurring in Florida, but it might.
Berkley's polypore can have one to five caps growing from a single stem, with a cluster width from 25-80cm (10 - 31.5 in.). For more information on these fungi see the Mushroom Expert page for this species.
Bondarzewia berkeleyi used to be classified as Polyporus berkeleyi. The genus is named for Russian botanist, mycologist and phytopathologist Apollinari S. Bondarzew (1877-1968). The species is named for British mycologist M. J. Berkeley (1803-1889).

Kingdom: Fungi
  Phylum: Basidiomycota
    Class: Agaricomycetes
      Order: Russulales
        Family: Bondarzewiaceae
          Genus: Bondarzewia
            Species: berkeleyi

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