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Goldstalk mushrooms are found in eastern North America from Quebec to Florida, under oaks and other hardwoods.
They are also called ornate-stalked bolete for the reticulate stem. The stem is yellow and the cap is yellow to brown.
Retiboletus ornatipes was classified as Boletus ornatipes until 2002. Differences in northern and southern distributions of these mushrooms may end up separating R. ornatipes into two or three separate species.
More information on these mushrooms can be found at MushroomExpert.com

Kingdom: Fungi
   |--Phylum: Basidiomycota - higher fungi other than sac fungi
          |--Class: Agaricomycetes
               |--Order: Boletales
                    |--Family: Boletaceae
                          |--Genus: Retiboletus
                                 |--Retiboletus ornatipes - Goldstalk

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