Wild Florida Photo -Mushroom in the Woods

Mushroom in the Woods

Clay Co. NC 08/26/16
Clay Co. NC 08/26/16
Clay Co. NC 08/26/16

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This large mushroom was growing in the woods near the trail on the lower portion of Jackrabbit Mountain in the Nantahala National Forest.
This is possibly a two-colored bolete mushroom - Boletus bicolor - or more likely the similar Boletus pseudosensibilis. These are usually found from late June through October on the ground in oak woods throughout much of eastern North America.
Lacking gills, the cap is fleshy with a fertile surface of small porelike openings. Boletus pseudosensibilis mushrooms have a rose-red, reddish-brown or pinkinsh-brown cap 5-16mm (2 to 6-1/4 in.) in diameter. The stalk is 6-10 cm (2-1/3 to 4 in.) tall, sometimes somewhat club-shaped, yellow at the top and the lower portion rosy.

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