Wild Florida Photo - Order: Hemiptera - true bugs

Order: Hemiptera - true bugs

Members of the Hemiptera order at Wild Florida Photo

Acanaloniidae - Acanaloniid Planthoppers

Planthopper - side view
Acanalonia servillei

side view

Aphididae - Aphids

aphids on firebush

aphids on firebush

Cercopidae - Spittlebugs & Froghoppers

Two-lined Spittlebug - side view
Prosapia bicincta
Two-lined Spittlebug

side view

Cicadellidae - Leafhoppers

Unidentified Leafhopper - close-up of immature stage leafhopper on Florida alicia
Unidentified leafhopper Unknown
Unidentified Leafhopper

close-up of immature stage leafhopper on Florida alicia

Coreidae - Leaf-footed Bugs

Leaf-footed Bug - close-up showing head and thorax
Spartocera diffusa
Leaf-footed Bug

close-up showing head and thorax

Flatidae - Flatid Planthoppers

Citrus Flatid Planthopper - a row of planthoppers on seagrape branch
Metcalfa pruinosa
Citrus Flatid Planthopper

a row of planthoppers on seagrape branch

Largidae - Bordered Plant Bugs

Membracidae - Treehoppers

Buffalo Treehopper - insect on Polygala leaf
Ceresa alta
Buffalo Treehopper

insect on Polygala leaf

Miridae - Plant Bugs

Plant Bug - dorsal view
Taedia sp.
Plant Bug

dorsal view

Pentatomidae - Stink Bugs

Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug - front view
Alcaeorrhynchus grandis
Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug

front view

Reduviidae - Assassin bugs

Wheel Bug - showing scent sacs extended
Arilus cristatus
Wheel Bug

showing scent sacs extended

Scutelleridae - Shield-backed Bugs

Shield-backed Bug - side view on cushion
Orsilochides guttata
Shield-backed Bug

side view on cushion

Hemiptera is a member of the Insecta - Insects - Class

Other members of the Insecta class

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