Wild Florida Photo - Family: Ruscaceae - Butcher's Broom



Butcher's Broom

Some botanists consider members of this family included in either the Agavaceae (Century plant) or Liliaceae (Lily) families.

Members of the Ruscaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Dracaena - dracaena

2 species of Dracaena at Wild Florida Photo

Dracaena hyacinthoides
Bowstring Hemp
entire leaf

Maianthemum - mayflower

1 species of Maianthemum at Wild Florida Photo

Maianthemum racemosum
Feathery False Solomon's Seal
leafy stem with flowers from above

Polygonatum - Solomon's seal

1 species of Polygonatum at Wild Florida Photo

Polygonatum biflorum
Smooth Solomon's Seal
plants with buds

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Ruscaceae is a member of the Order Asparagales