Wild Florida Photo - Family: Polypodiaceae - Polypody




Pecluma plumula
Plume Polypody
frond with sunlight shining through

Members of the Polypodiaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Campyloneurum - strapfern

1 species of Campyloneurum at Wild Florida Photo

Campyloneurum phyllitidis
Long Strap Fern
showing both sides of fronds

Pecluma - rockcap fern

2 species of Pecluma at Wild Florida Photo

Pecluma plumula
Plume Polypody
several ferns on live oak tree trunk

Phlebodium - golden polypody

1 species of Phlebodium at Wild Florida Photo

Phlebodium aureum
Golden Polypody
underside of blade close-up showing sori

Pleopeltis - scaly polypody

1 species of Pleopeltis at Wild Florida Photo

Pleopeltis michauxiana
Resurrection Fern
ferns on live oak

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Polypodiaceae is a member of the Order Polypodiales