Wild Florida Photo - Family: Solanaceae - Potato




Solanum americanum
American Black Nightshade
plant in bloom with immature fruit

Members of the Solanaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Brugmansia - brugmansia

1 species of Brugmansia at Wild Florida Photo

Brugmansia suaveolens
Angel's Trumpet
shrub in bloom

Capsicum - pepper

1 species of Capsicum at Wild Florida Photo

Capsicum annuum
Bird Pepper
mature fruit close-up

Cestrum - jessamine

1 species of Cestrum at Wild Florida Photo

Cestrum diurnum
Dayflowering Jessamine
upper portion of shrub

Lycium - desert-thorn

1 species of Lycium at Wild Florida Photo

Lycium carolinianum
Carolina Desert-thorn
branches with leaves and berry

Physalis - groundcherry

3 species of Physalis at Wild Florida Photo

Physalis walteri
Walter's Groundcherry
close-up of mature fruit

Solanum - nightshade

8 species of Solanum at Wild Florida Photo

Solanum americanum
American Black Nightshade
flowers and leaves

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Solanaceae is a member of the Order Solanales