Wild Florida Photo - Family: Oleaceae - Olive




Cartrema americanum
Wild Olive
leafy branch with buds
This family is sometimes classified as a member of the Order Scrophulariales.

Members of the Oleaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Cartrema - devilwood

2 species of Cartrema at Wild Florida Photo

Cartrema americanum
Wild Olive
branch with dried fruit

Chionanthus - fringetree

2 species of Chionanthus at Wild Florida Photo

Chionanthus virginicus
White Fringetree
entire in landscape

Forestiera - swampprivet

1 species of Forestiera at Wild Florida Photo

Forestiera acuminata
Eastern Swampprivet
shrubs along the river

Fraxinus - ash

1 species of Fraxinus at Wild Florida Photo

Fraxinus caroliniana
Carolina Ash
branch with immature fruit

Jasminum - jasmine

1 species of Jasminum at Wild Florida Photo

Jasminum multiflorum
Star Jasmine
branch with leaves and flowers

Ligustrum - privet

2 species of Ligustrum at Wild Florida Photo

Ligustrum japonicum
Japanese Privet
flowers close-up

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Oleaceae is a member of the Order Lamiales