Wild Florida Photo - Family: Anacardiaceae - Cashew and Sumac



Cashew and Sumac

Members of this family contain urushiol, an oily mixture of organic compounds that is known as a skin irritant. The genus Toxicodendron, which contains the species poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, has particularly high concentrations of urushiol.

Mangifera indica
fruit laden tree

Members of the Anacardiaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Mangifera - mango

1 species of Mangifera at Wild Florida Photo

Mangifera indica

Metopium - poisontree

1 species of Metopium at Wild Florida Photo

Metopium toxiferum
Florida Poisontree
leaves and fruit

Rhus - sumac

1 species of Rhus at Wild Florida Photo

Rhus copallinum
Winged Sumac
flowers and leaves

Schinus - peppertree

1 species of Schinus at Wild Florida Photo

Schinus terebinthifolia
Brazilian Peppertree
berry laden branches

Toxicodendron - poison oak

1 species of Toxicodendron at Wild Florida Photo

Toxicodendron radicans
Eastern Poison Ivy
large elaves, with flowers visible in leaf axils

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Anacardiaceae is a member of the Order Sapindales