Wild Florida Photo - Family: Rosaceae - Rose




Rosa palustris
Swamp Rose
flower, note part of leaflet removed by leafcutter bee

Members of the Rosaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Crataegus - hawthorn

5 species of Crataegus at Wild Florida Photo

Crataegus michauxii
Michaux's Hawthorn
branch with leaves

Duchesnea - duchesnea

0 species of Duchesnea at Wild Florida Photo

Photinia - chokeberry

1 species of Photinia at Wild Florida Photo

Photinia pyrifolia
Red Chokeberry
branch showing flowers and leaves

Potentilla - cinquefoil

2 species of Potentilla at Wild Florida Photo

Potentilla simplex
Common Cinquefoil
flower, close-up

Prunus - plum

4 species of Prunus at Wild Florida Photo

Prunus serotina
Black Cherry
flowers and leaves, close-up

Rosa - rose

1 species of Rosa at Wild Florida Photo

Rosa palustris
Swamp Rose
rear view of flower

Rubus - blackberry

2 species of Rubus at Wild Florida Photo

Rubus cuneifolius
Sand Blackberry
plant with flowers

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Rosaceae is a member of the Order Rosales