Wild Florida Photo - Family: Orchidaceae - Orchid




Calopogon pallidus
Pale Grass-pink
flower and stems

Members of the Orchidaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Calopogon - grasspink

4 species of Calopogon at Wild Florida Photo

Calopogon tuberosus
Tuberous Grasspink
side view of one flower with various stage buds above

Corallorrhiza - coralroot

1 species of Corallorrhiza at Wild Florida Photo

Corallorrhiza wisteriana
Spring Coralroot
flowers close-up

Dendrophylax - leafless orchids

1 species of Dendrophylax at Wild Florida Photo

Dendrophylax lindenii
Ghost Orchid
non-blooming young plant with roots only

Encyclia - butterfly orchid

1 species of Encyclia at Wild Florida Photo

Encyclia tampensis
Tampa Butterfly Orchid
close-up front view of flower

Epidendrum - star orchid

3 species of Epidendrum at Wild Florida Photo

Epidendrum conopseum
Green Fly Orchid

Eulophia - wild coco

2 species of Eulophia at Wild Florida Photo

Eulophia alta
Wild Coco

Goodyera - rattlesnake plantain

1 species of Goodyera at Wild Florida Photo

Habenaria - bog orchid

3 species of Habenaria at Wild Florida Photo

Habenaria floribunda
Toothpetal False Reinorchid

Harrisella - harrisella

1 species of Harrisella at Wild Florida Photo

Harrisella porrecta
Needleroot Airplant Orchid
entire with fruit

Malaxis - adder's-mouth orchid

2 species of Malaxis at Wild Florida Photo

Malaxis unifolia
Green Addersmouth Orchid
ground level view of plant with inflorescence

Oncidium - dancinglady orchid

1 species of Oncidium at Wild Florida Photo

Oncidium ensatum
Florida Dancinglady Orchid
base of plant showing pseudobulbs

Orthochilus - pteroglossaspis

2 species of Orthochilus at Wild Florida Photo

Orthochilus pottsii
Potts' Plume Orchid
entire - single plant

Platanthera - fringed orchid

1 species of Platanthera at Wild Florida Photo

Platanthera ciliaris
Yellow Fringed Orchid
flowers with cloudless sulpher butterfly

Platythelys - platythelys

1 species of Platythelys at Wild Florida Photo

Platythelys latifolia
Jug Orchid
mature fruit showing distinctly ribbed capsules

Pogonia - pogonia

1 species of Pogonia at Wild Florida Photo

Pogonia ophioglossoides
Rose Pogonia
flower, side view, close-up

Ponthieva - shadow witch

1 species of Ponthieva at Wild Florida Photo

Ponthieva racemosa
Hairy Shadow Witch

Prosthechea - clamshell orchid

1 species of Prosthechea at Wild Florida Photo

Prosthechea cochleata
Clamshell Orchid
medium shot

Sacoila - lady orchid

1 species of Sacoila at Wild Florida Photo

Sacoila lanceolata
Leafless Beaked Orchid

Spiranthes - ladies'-tresses

8 species of Spiranthes at Wild Florida Photo

Spiranthes laciniata
Lacelip Ladiestresses

Tipularia - tipularia

1 species of Tipularia at Wild Florida Photo

Vanilla - vanilla

1 species of Vanilla at Wild Florida Photo

Vanilla phaeantha
Leafy Vanilla
entire - long shot

Zeuxine - zeuxine

1 species of Zeuxine at Wild Florida Photo

Zeuxine strateumatica
Soldier's Orchid
entire plant

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Orchidaceae is a member of the Order Orchidales