Wild Florida Photo - Family: Lamiaceae - Mint




Conradina grandiflora
Largeflower False Rosemary
flowers with dewdrops

Members of the Lamiaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Calamintha - calamint

1 species of Calamintha at Wild Florida Photo

Calamintha ashei
Ashe's Calamint
flowers and stems

Callicarpa - beautyberry

1 species of Callicarpa at Wild Florida Photo

Callicarpa americana
American Beautyberry

1 species of Cantinoa at Wild Florida Photo

Cantinoa mutabilis
Tropical Bushmint
flowers, close-up

Clinopodium - wild basil

1 species of Clinopodium at Wild Florida Photo

Clinopodium brownei
Browne's Savory
plant with flowers

Conradina - false rosemary

5 species of Conradina at Wild Florida Photo

Conradina grandiflora
Largeflower False Rosemary
flowers with dewdrops

Dicerandra - balm

2 species of Dicerandra at Wild Florida Photo

Dicerandra linearifolia
Coastalplain Balm
medium shot showing flowers

Hyptis - bushmint

1 species of Hyptis at Wild Florida Photo

Hyptis alata
Clustered Bushmint

Monarda - beebalm

1 species of Monarda at Wild Florida Photo

Monarda punctata
Spotted Beebalm
stalk of flowers

Ocimum - basil

1 species of Ocimum at Wild Florida Photo

Ocimum campechianum
Wild Sweet Basil
plant viewed from above

1 species of Piloblephis at Wild Florida Photo

Piloblephis rigida
Wild Pennyroyal
showing flowers

Prunella - selfheal

1 species of Prunella at Wild Florida Photo

Prunella vulgaris
Common Selfheal
plant with flowers

Salvia - sage

4 species of Salvia at Wild Florida Photo

Salvia lyrata
Lyreleaf Sage

Scutellaria - skullcap

1 species of Scutellaria at Wild Florida Photo

Scutellaria integrifolia
Helmet Skullcap
flowers - side & rear views

Stachys - hedgenettle

1 species of Stachys at Wild Florida Photo

Stachys floridana
Florida Hedgenettle
plant in bloom

Teucrium - germander

1 species of Teucrium at Wild Florida Photo

Teucrium canadense
Wood Sage
flowers, close-up

Trichostema - bluecurls

2 species of Trichostema at Wild Florida Photo

Trichostema dichotomum
Forked Bluecurls
close-up, front view

Vitex - chastetree

1 species of Vitex at Wild Florida Photo

Vitex trifolia
Simpleleaf Chastetree
flower with immature and mature fruit

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Lamiaceae is a member of the Order Lamiales