Wild Florida Photo - Family: Apocynaceae - Dogbane





flower with rough-veiny petals

Members of the Apocynaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Allamanda - allamanda

1 species of Allamanda at Wild Florida Photo

Allamanda cathartica
Golden Trumpet
plant in bloom

Amsonia - bluestar

2 species of Amsonia at Wild Florida Photo

Amsonia tabernaemontana
Eastern Bluestar

Angadenia - pineland golden trumpet

1 species of Angadenia at Wild Florida Photo

Angadenia berteroi
Pineland Golden Trumpet
side view, showing leaves, open and unopen flowers and fruit

Asclepias - milkweed

13 species of Asclepias at Wild Florida Photo

Asclepias tuberosa
Butterfly Weed
flowers and buds

Catharanthus - periwinkle

1 species of Catharanthus at Wild Florida Photo

Catharanthus roseus
Madagascar Periwinkle
upper part of plant and flower

Echites - echites

1 species of Echites at Wild Florida Photo


flower with smooth-looking petals

Gonolobus - gonolobus

1 species of Gonolobus at Wild Florida Photo

Gonolobus suberosus
Angularfruit Milkvine
pair of leaves on vine

Matelea - milkvine

2 species of Matelea at Wild Florida Photo

Matelea floridana
Florida Milkvine
medium shot showing leaves and flowers

Nerium - oleander

1 species of Nerium at Wild Florida Photo

Nerium oleander

1 species of Orthosia at Wild Florida Photo

Orthosia scoparia
Leafless Swallowwort
vine with leaves, tendrils and both immature fruit and empty husks

Pattalias - swallow-wort

1 species of Pattalias at Wild Florida Photo

Pattalias palustre
Gulf Coast Swallowwort
vine with great southern white butterfly

Pentalinon - pentalinon

1 species of Pentalinon at Wild Florida Photo

Pentalinon luteum
Wild Allamanda
flower, leaves and vine

Plumeria - plumeria

2 species of Plumeria at Wild Florida Photo

Plumeria pucida
Bridal Bouquet
plant with flowers

Sarcostemma - twinevine

1 species of Sarcostemma at Wild Florida Photo

Sarcostemma clausum
White Twinevine
showing flowers and vine

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Apocynaceae is a member of the Order Gentianales