Wild Florida Photo - Family: Ericaceae - Heath




Lyonia fruticosa
Coastalplain Staggerbush
leaves, showing both sides

Members of the Ericaceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Agarista - Florida hobblebush

1 species of Agarista at Wild Florida Photo

Bejaria - befaria

1 species of Bejaria at Wild Florida Photo

Bejaria racemosa
branches with three flowers

Ceratiola - sand heath

1 species of Ceratiola at Wild Florida Photo

Ceratiola ericoides
Florida Rosemary
close-up with female Blue Dasher dragonfly

Eubotrys - fetterbush

1 species of Eubotrys at Wild Florida Photo

Eubotrys racemosa
Swamp Doghobble
branches with flowers

Kalmia - laurel

2 species of Kalmia at Wild Florida Photo

Kalmia latifolia
Mountain Laurel
cluster of flowers close-up

Lyonia - staggerbush

3 species of Lyonia at Wild Florida Photo

Lyonia lucida
branch with leaves and flowers

Oxydendrum - sourwood, swmap cranberry

1 species of Oxydendrum at Wild Florida Photo

Oxydendrum arboreum
showing flowers at end of branch

Pieris - fetterbush

1 species of Pieris at Wild Florida Photo

Pieris phyllyreifolia
Vine Wicky
branch with flowers

Rhododendron - rhododendron

3 species of Rhododendron at Wild Florida Photo

Rhododendron canescens
Sweet Pinxter Azalea
view of flower whorl from above

Vaccinium - blueberry

4 species of Vaccinium at Wild Florida Photo

Vaccinium corymbosum
Highbush Blueberry
branch showing leaves and flowers

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Ericaceae is a member of the Order Ericales