Wild Florida Photo - Family: Asteraceae - Aster




Helianthus debilis
East Coast Dune Sunflower
flower close-up, front view

Members of the Asteraceae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Achillea - yarrow

1 species of Achillea at Wild Florida Photo

Achillea millefolium
Common Yarrow

Ageratina - snakeroot

1 species of Ageratina at Wild Florida Photo

Ageratina jucunda
Hammock Snakeroot
entire, in sandhill habitat

Ageratum - whiteweed

1 species of Ageratum at Wild Florida Photo

Ageratum conyzoides
Tropical Whiteweed
plans viewed from above

Ambrosia - ragweed

2 species of Ambrosia at Wild Florida Photo

Ambrosia artemisiifolia
Common Ragweed
entire plants

Antennaria - pussytoes

1 species of Antennaria at Wild Florida Photo

Antennaria plantaginifolia
colony of female plants

Arnoglossum - Indian plaintain

3 species of Arnoglossum at Wild Florida Photo

Arnoglossum floridanum
Florida Indian Plantain

Artemisia - sagebrush

1 species of Artemisia at Wild Florida Photo

Artemisia ludoviciana
White Sagebrush

Baccharis - baccharis

2 species of Baccharis at Wild Florida Photo

Baccharis halimifolia
Eastern Baccharis
Entire plant

Balduina - honeycombhead

2 species of Balduina at Wild Florida Photo

Balduina angustifolia
Coastalplain Honeycombhead
plant in bloom

Berlandiera - greeneyes

2 species of Berlandiera at Wild Florida Photo

Berlandiera pumila
Soft Greeneyes
plant in bloom

Bidens - beggarticks

3 species of Bidens at Wild Florida Photo

Bidens laevis
plant in water with flowers

Bigelowia - rayless goldenrod

1 species of Bigelowia at Wild Florida Photo

Bigelowia nudata
Pineland Rayless Goldenrod

Borrichia - seaside tansy

1 species of Borrichia at Wild Florida Photo

Borrichia frutescens
Bushy Seaside Oxeye

Calyptocarpus - calyptocarpus

1 species of Calyptocarpus at Wild Florida Photo

Calyptocarpus vialis
Straggler Daisy
plants with flowers

Carphephorus - chaffhead

3 species of Carphephorus at Wild Florida Photo

Carphephorus corymbosus
Coastalplain Chaffhead
entire, not quite in bloom

Centaurea - knapweed

1 species of Centaurea at Wild Florida Photo

Centaurea stoebe
Spotted Knapweed
bumblebee on flower

Chaptalia - sunbonnetts

1 species of Chaptalia at Wild Florida Photo

Chaptalia tomentosa
Woolly Sunbonnets
nearly entire

Chrysoma - chrysoma

1 species of Chrysoma at Wild Florida Photo

Chrysoma pauciflosculosa
Bush Goldenrod
showing woody branches, with leaves and flowers

Chrysopsis - goldenaster

5 species of Chrysopsis at Wild Florida Photo

Chrysopsis subulata
Scrubland Goldenaster
entire in bloom

Cichorium - chicory

1 species of Cichorium at Wild Florida Photo

Cichorium intybus
plant with flowers

Cirsium - plume thistle

3 species of Cirsium at Wild Florida Photo

Cirsium horridulum
Purple Thistle
flower, side view, with spiders

Conoclinium - thoroughwort

1 species of Conoclinium at Wild Florida Photo

Ageratum conyzoides
Tropical Whiteweed
flowers, stem and leaves

Conyza - horseweed

0 species of Conyza at Wild Florida Photo

Erigeron canadensis
Canadian Horseweed
close-up side view of flower

Coreopsis - tickseed

4 species of Coreopsis at Wild Florida Photo

Coreopsis leavenworthii
Leavenworth's Tickseed
field of flowers

Echinacea - purple coneflower

1 species of Echinacea at Wild Florida Photo

Echinacea purpurea
Eastern Purple Coneflower
plant with flowers

Elephantopus - elephantsfoot

2 species of Elephantopus at Wild Florida Photo

Elephantopus elatus
Tall Elephantsfoot
base of plant showing basal rosette

Emilia - tasselflower

2 species of Emilia at Wild Florida Photo

Emilia sonchifolia
Lilac Tasselflower
close-up of open flower

Erechtites - burnweed

1 species of Erechtites at Wild Florida Photo

Erechtites hieraciifolius
American Burnweed
stem, basal & cauline leaves, buds

Erigeron - fleabane

4 species of Erigeron at Wild Florida Photo

Erigeron quercifolius
Oakleaf Fleabane
flower and bud

Eupatorium - thoroughwort

6 species of Eupatorium at Wild Florida Photo

Eupatorium rotundifolium
Roundleaf Thoroughwort
flowers, close-up

Eutrochium - joe pye weed

1 species of Eutrochium at Wild Florida Photo

Eutrochium fistulosum
showing whorled leaves

Farfugium - farfugium

1 species of Farfugium at Wild Florida Photo

Farfugium japonicum
Leopard Plant

Flaveria - yellowtops

1 species of Flaveria at Wild Florida Photo

Flaveria linearis
Narrowleaf Yellowtops
great southern white butterfly on flowers

Gaillardia - blanketflower

1 species of Gaillardia at Wild Florida Photo

Gaillardia pulchella
flower, extreme close-up

Gamochaeta - everlasting

2 species of Gamochaeta at Wild Florida Photo

Gamochaeta antillana
Caribbean Purple Everlasting
G. antillana on the right, G. pensylvanica center and left

Garberia - garberia

1 species of Garberia at Wild Florida Photo

Garberia heterophylla
flowers from above

Gazania - gazania

1 species of Gazania at Wild Florida Photo

Gazania linearis
flower close-up

Hasteola - false indian plantain

1 species of Hasteola at Wild Florida Photo

Hasteola robertiorum
inflorescence, flowers not yet open

Helenium - sneezeweed

3 species of Helenium at Wild Florida Photo

Helenium pinnatifidum
Southeastern Sneezeweed

Helianthus - sunflower

5 species of Helianthus at Wild Florida Photo

Helianthus angustifolius
Narrowleaf Sunflower
flower in sun

Heliopsis - heliopsis

1 species of Heliopsis at Wild Florida Photo

Heliopsis helianthoides
Smooth Oxeye
patch of plants with flowers

Heterotheca - false goldenaster

1 species of Heterotheca at Wild Florida Photo

Hieracium - hawkweed

1 species of Hieracium at Wild Florida Photo

Hieracium gronovii
flower, stem and leaf

Iva - marshelder

3 species of Iva at Wild Florida Photo

Iva imbricata
Seacoast Marshelder
Beet webworm moth on seacoast marshelder

Krigia - dwarfdandelion

1 species of Krigia at Wild Florida Photo

Krigia virginica
Virginia Dwarfdandelion

Leucanthemum - daisy

1 species of Leucanthemum at Wild Florida Photo

Leucanthemum vulgare
six flowers

Liatris - blazing star

7 species of Liatris at Wild Florida Photo

Liatris gracilis
Slender Gayfeather
racemes fo flowers

Lygodesmia - skeletonplant

1 species of Lygodesmia at Wild Florida Photo

Lygodesmia aphylla
flower, close-up front view

Melanthera - squarestem

1 species of Melanthera at Wild Florida Photo

Melanthera nivea
Snow Squarestem
showing flower, stem and leaves

Mikania - hempvine

2 species of Mikania at Wild Florida Photo

Mikania scandens
Climbing Hempvine
flowers with love bugs

Oclemena - oclemena aster

1 species of Oclemena at Wild Florida Photo

Oclemena reticulata
Pinebarren Aster
plant with flowers

Packera - ragwort

3 species of Packera at Wild Florida Photo

Packera glabella

Palafoxia - palafox

1 species of Palafoxia at Wild Florida Photo

Palafoxia feayi
Feay's Palafox
close-up of inflorescence

Phoebanthus - false sunflower

1 species of Phoebanthus at Wild Florida Photo

Phoebanthus grandiflorus
Florida False Sunflower
flower, close-up front view

Pityopsis - silkgrass

1 species of Pityopsis at Wild Florida Photo

Pityopsis graminifolia
Narrowleaf Silkgrass
two flowers

Pluchea - camphorweed

2 species of Pluchea at Wild Florida Photo

Pluchea baccharis
Rosy Camphorweed

Praxelis - Praxelis

1 species of Praxelis at Wild Florida Photo

Praxelis clematidea
looking down at top of plant in bloom

Pterocaulon - blackroot

1 species of Pterocaulon at Wild Florida Photo

Pterocaulon pycnostachyum

Pyrrhopappus - desert-chicory

1 species of Pyrrhopappus at Wild Florida Photo

Pyrrhopappus carolinianus
Carolina Desertchicory
plant in bloom

Ratibida - prairie coneflower

1 species of Ratibida at Wild Florida Photo

Ratibida pinnata
Pinnate Prairie Coneflower
upper part of plant showing leaves, not in flower

Rudbeckia - coneflower

4 species of Rudbeckia at Wild Florida Photo

Rudbeckia hirta
Blackeyed Susan
three flowers

Sericocarpus - whitetop aster

1 species of Sericocarpus at Wild Florida Photo

Sericocarpus tortifolius
Whitetop Aster

Silphium - rosinweed

1 species of Silphium at Wild Florida Photo

Silphium asteriscus
Starry Rosinweed
plant with flower

Smallanthus - smallanthus

1 species of Smallanthus at Wild Florida Photo

Smallanthus uvedalia
Hairy Leafcup
flower, front view, close-up

Solidago - goldenrod

4 species of Solidago at Wild Florida Photo

Solidago sempervirens
Seaside Goldenrod
flowers, note green insect on stem at right edge of photo

Sonchus - sowthistle

2 species of Sonchus at Wild Florida Photo

Sonchus asper
Spiny Sowthistle
flowers and leaves from above

Sphagneticola - creeping-oxeye

1 species of Sphagneticola at Wild Florida Photo

Sphagneticola trilobata
Creeping Oxeye
patch of plants with flowers

Stokesia - Stokesia

1 species of Stokesia at Wild Florida Photo

Stokesia laevis
Stokes' Aster
flower and buds

Symphyotrichum - aster

5 species of Symphyotrichum at Wild Florida Photo

Symphyotrichum carolinianum
Climbing Aster
flower, leaves & stem

Taraxacum - dandelion

2 species of Taraxacum at Wild Florida Photo

Taraxacum officinale
Common Dandelion
entire plant, side view

Tetragonotheca - nerveray

1 species of Tetragonotheca at Wild Florida Photo

Tetragonotheca helianthoides
Pineland Nerveray
flower close-up

Tridax - tridax

1 species of Tridax at Wild Florida Photo

Tridax procumbens
entire plant with flower

Verbesina - crownbeard

2 species of Verbesina at Wild Florida Photo

Verbesina virginica
showing stem, leaves and flowers

Vernonia - ironweed

2 species of Vernonia at Wild Florida Photo

Vernonia gigantea
Giant Ironweed
flowers close-up

Youngia - youngia

1 species of Youngia at Wild Florida Photo

Youngia japonica
Oriental False Hawksbeard
flower, close-up

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Asteraceae is a member of the Order Asterales