Wild Florida Photo - Family: Anatidae - Ducks, Geese and Swans



Ducks, Geese and Swans

Members of the Anatidae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Aix - wood ducks

1 species of Aix at Wild Florida Photo

Aix sponsa
Wood duck
male in breeding plumage swimming towards camera

Anas - dabbling ducks

4 species of Anas at Wild Florida Photo

Anas platyrhynchos
male standing at edge of water, side view of head

Anser - bean geese

1 species of Anser at Wild Florida Photo

Anser anser
Domestic greylag goose
2 geese

Aythya - diving ducks

1 species of Aythya at Wild Florida Photo

Aythya affinis
Lesser scaup
female side view with water drops from recent dive

Dendrocygna - whistling ducks

1 species of Dendrocygna at Wild Florida Photo

Dendrocygna autumnalis
Black-bellied whistling-duck
pair of adults in pond, one preening

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Anatidae is a member of the Order Anseriformes - waterfowl