Wild Florida Photo - Family: Libellulidae - Skimmers




Brachymesia gravida
Four-spotted Pennant
side view, perched on stick

Members of the Libellulidae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Brachymesia - tropical pennants

1 species of Brachymesia at Wild Florida Photo

Brachymesia gravida
Four-spotted Pennant
view of top side of wings from behind

Celithemis - pennants

3 species of Celithemis at Wild Florida Photo

Celithemis eponina
Halloween Pennant
adult male perched on twig

Erythemis - pondhawks

1 species of Erythemis at Wild Florida Photo

Erythemis simplicicollis
Eastern Pondhawk
male viewed from above and behind

Erythrodiplax - dragonlets

3 species of Erythrodiplax at Wild Florida Photo

Erythrodiplax minuscula
Little Blue Dragonlet
female or immature

Libellula - skimmers, corporals, whitetails

5 species of Libellula at Wild Florida Photo

Libellula vibrans
Great Blue Skimmer
side view

Orthemis - tropical king skimmers

1 species of Orthemis at Wild Florida Photo

Orthemis ferruginea
Roseate Skimmer
male, pink form - close-up angled view

Pachydiplax - blue dashers

1 species of Pachydiplax at Wild Florida Photo

Pachydiplax longipennis
Blue Dasher
juvenile side view

Perithemis - amberwings

1 species of Perithemis at Wild Florida Photo

Perithemis tenera
Eastern Amberwing
side view

Plathemis - whitetails

1 species of Plathemis at Wild Florida Photo

Plathemis lydia
Common Whitetail
male perched on grass-like stem

Tramea - saddlebags

2 species of Tramea at Wild Florida Photo

Tramea carolina
Carolina Saddlebags
perched with raindrops falling

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Libellulidae is a member of the Suborder Anisoptera - Dragonflies