Wild Florida Photo - Family: Laridae - Gulls, Terns & Skimmers



Gulls, Terns & Skimmers

Larus hyperboreus
Glaucous Gull
side view, second winter glaucous gull, with herring and laughing gulls

Members of the Laridae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Chroicocephalus - masked gulls

1 species of Chroicocephalus at Wild Florida Photo

Chroicocephalus philadelphia
Bonaparte's Gull
adult non-breeding on water

Larus - large white-headed gulls

5 species of Larus at Wild Florida Photo

Larus delawarensis
Ring-billed Gull
in flight

Leucophaeus - hooded gulls

0 species of Leucophaeus at Wild Florida Photo

Leucophaeus atricilla
Laughing Gull
non-breeding plumage, side view

Rynchops - skimmers

1 species of Rynchops at Wild Florida Photo

Rynchops niger
Black Skimmer
adult skimming

Sterna - typical terns

2 species of Sterna at Wild Florida Photo

Sterna antillarum
Least Tern
side view with another tern in background

Thalasseus - crested terns

2 species of Thalasseus at Wild Florida Photo

Thalasseus maxima
Royal Tern
breeding adult side view in flight

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Laridae is a member of the Order Charadriiformes - shorebirds and relatives