Wild Florida Photo - Family: Ardeidae - Herons & Bitterns



Herons & Bitterns

Ardea herodias
Great Blue Heron
in flight over water

Members of the Ardeidae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Ardea - great herons

3 species of Ardea at Wild Florida Photo

Ardea herodias
Great Blue Heron
wading with reflection

Botaurus - brown bitterns

1 species of Botaurus at Wild Florida Photo

Botaurus lentiginosus
American Bittern
partially concealed in plants

Bubulcus - cattle egrets

1 species of Bubulcus at Wild Florida Photo

Bubulcus ibis
Cattle Egret
side view of adult in breeding plumage in cypress

Butorides - green-backed herons

1 species of Butorides at Wild Florida Photo

Butorides virescens
Green Heron
two green herons in dead tree

Egretta - plumed egrets

4 species of Egretta at Wild Florida Photo

Egretta thula
Snowy Egret
side view, beak slightly open

Nyctanassa - American night herons

1 species of Nyctanassa at Wild Florida Photo

Nyctanassa violacea
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
standing on beach, nictitating membrane mostly covering eye

Nycticorax - old world night herons

1 species of Nycticorax at Wild Florida Photo

Nycticorax nycticorax
Black-crowned Night-heron
adult, perched on branch, side view of head, plumes showing

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Ardeidae is a member of the Order Ciconiiformes - storks and relatives