Wild Florida Photo - Family: Accipitridae - Hawks & Eagles



Hawks & Eagles

Circus cyaneus
Northern Harrier
female in flight just after takeoff

Members of the Accipitridae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Buteo - buteonine hawks

2 species of Buteo at Wild Florida Photo

Buteo lineatus
Red Shouldered Hawk
in flight overhead

Circus - harriers

1 species of Circus at Wild Florida Photo

Circus cyaneus
Northern Harrier
female, perched on wire looking down

Elanoides - swallow-tailed kites

1 species of Elanoides at Wild Florida Photo

Elanoides forficatus
Swallow-tailed Kite
kite looking down while flying overhead

Haliaeetus - fish eagles

1 species of Haliaeetus at Wild Florida Photo

Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Bald Eagle
pair perched together on snag

Pandion - osprey

1 species of Pandion at Wild Florida Photo

Pandion haliaetus
osprey arriving with nest building materials, second osprey perched on branch

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Accipitridae is a member of the Order Falconiformes - diurnal birds of prey