Wild Florida Photo - Family: Carabidae - Ground Beetles



Ground Beetles

Calosoma scrutator
Fiery Searcher
front side view showing head

Members of the Carabidae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Calosoma - caterpillar hunters

1 species of Calosoma at Wild Florida Photo

Calosoma scrutator
Fiery Searcher
angled view, slightly above & behind

Ellipsoptera - ellipsed-winged tiger beetles

1 species of Ellipsoptera at Wild Florida Photo

Ellipsoptera marginata
Margined Tiger Beetle
side view

Lebia - colorful foliage ground beetles

1 species of Lebia at Wild Florida Photo

Lebia viridis
Colorful Foliage Ground Beetle
closeup of beetle on Carolina horsenettle

Pasimachus - warrior beetles

1 species of Pasimachus at Wild Florida Photo

Pasimachus floridanus
Florida Warrior Beetle
underside of dead beetle

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Carabidae is a member of the Order Coleoptera - beetles